Bulow Holdings, LLC is pleased to announce that it has formed Bulow Clinic Partners Group or BCP Group (“BCP Group”) to make ownership investments in O&P practices with reputations for clinical excellence by utilizing BCP Group’s unique partnership model. BCP Group provides practice management services to strengthen and grow independent O&P clinics while enabling clinician owners to maintain meaningful ownership interest and leadership positions within the organization. Frist Capital, LLC along with management and other principals of BCP Group have committed up to $100mm of capital to build a national partnership of practices that are the “go-to” place for patients and clinicians.

BCP Group traces its roots back to 2006 when Matt Bulow, CP, amputee and Paralympic athlete, founded Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions. Matt, who is BCP Group’s CEO and Founding Partner, commented, “Supporting great patient care will always be the focus of BCP Group and what is most important to me. In communicating with other independent clinician owners, I found we faced a common set of challenges, including increasing complexity, limited time and resources, and few options for growth and/or diversification. We created BCP Group to support clinician-owners in addressing these challenges so they are able to focus on their individual strengths, whether that be patient care, growing referral sources, and/or expanding their markets.”

Frist Capital, LLC is a private investment firm based in Nashville, TN, which was formed in 1994 to manage the assets of members of the founding family of HCA, the nation’s largest for-profit hospital company. Rawls Butler, Principal of Frist Capital and BCP Group’s Chairman, commented, “We were initially attracted to the company in 2008 by Matt Bulow’s story as a person and a prosthetist. As we’ve seen the operating environment become more challenging for O&P practices, we believe that many high-quality clinicians can benefit from aligning with a well-capitalized partner who understands the industry and the vital role clinicians play in it. To that end, we support the launch of BCP Group and believe that there is an opportunity to build a national partnership to serve patients and clinicians in this unique and evolving field of healthcare.”

BCP Group completed a partnership with Fort Worth-based Baker O&P in June 2014. As part of the transaction, Baker’s owner, Gordon Stevens, CPO, became an equity partner in BCP Group and Regional Managing Partner of BCP’s Texas market. According to Grant Rutledge, President of BCP Group, “We are interested in opportunities for BCP Group to partner with leading clinician owners to strengthen their leadership positions in their current markets or expand into adjacent markets, either organically or through acquisitions. BCP Group has the capital, resources and experience that are needed to advance this important sector of healthcare.” BCP Group is in the process of completing several transactions and expects to announce new partnerships in 2015.


About BCP Group

BCP Group is an O&P management company based in Nashville, TN dedicated to enhancing the viability of the independent, clinician-driven O&P practice model. We make ownership investments in high-quality clinical practices and then provide behind-the-scenes business support and resources that enable our partners to focus on clinical excellence, patient care and practice growth. A list of the current equity partners of BCP Group is attached hereto. For more information about BCP Group, please visit www.bcpgroup.net.

BCP Group Equity Partners – Current as of December 31, 2014 –

Matt Bulow, CP Bulow OPS Nashville, TN
Gordon Stevens, CPO Baker O&P Fort Worth, TX
Eric Neufeld, CPO Bulow OPS Denver, CO
Zach Harvey, CPO Bulow OPS Denver, CO
Grant Rutledge BCP Group Nashville, TN
Brad Gardner BCP Group Nashville, TN
Rawls Butler Frist Capital, LLC Nashville, TN