Patient Stories

Siale Langi

After pulling over to the shoulder and exiting his vehicle to check out a problem, another car hit Siale at a speed of 75 MPH. Miraculously, his limbs were salvaged, and his road to recovery would include 23 surgeries. Siale rediscovered his love for the field events and trains several days a week with the help of his AFOs and his trainers to prepare for competition.

Michael Hill

Michael was leading a very active life with his wife in north Texas, when he began to notice problems with his feet and legs. He decided to pursue bilateral custom carbon composite AFOs in an effort to return to his activities and independence. He is also happy to return to fishing and shooting, activities he is now able to do with his AFOs.

Barbara Kirk

Barbara Kirk was enjoying a very active lifestyle – she never thought her body would give out do to a spinal cord injury. She had three back surgeries, leaving parts of her spine fused. She was fit with her AFOs, and with the support of her therapist, physician and orthotist and her determination and hard work, she began to achieve her goals.

Andrea Meza

At the young age of 12, Andrea Meza was excelling in school when she was given the diagnosis of osteosarcoma. In order to treat the rare bone cancer, she elected to have a left above knee amputation on August 6, 2002. As part of her rehabilitation, she was initially fit with a prosthesis to begin gait training in an effort to return to her activities.

Christine Goodwin

As a mother of a 16 year old and wife to a team roper, Chris’ day includes caring for their home, four horses, multiple other animals on their land and all the other chores that are necessary, most of which require dirty labor intensive work.

Yousuf Hamdan

Yousuf Hamdan was leaving school early on June 11, 2009 after a major exam at UT Arlington when it started raining, and he lost control of his vehicle. His injuries were severe, leaving him in a coma. The damage to Yousuf’s leg was severe and a week later he had to have the leg amputated. Through lots of determination and will power, he was walking independently by Thanksgiving.

Mary Martha Pickens

Undergoing an amputation at the age of twelve would be considered debilitating to most, however Mary Martha Pickens is unique. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was left with no options, but to amputate above the knee. In her spare time she enjoys hiking mountains several times a year, scuba diving at exotic locations and snow skiing with her husband.

Brian Moore

Brian Moore lost his left arm after he struggled with an intruder in October of 2008 and was shot in the arm. Brian is an airplane mechanic for American Airlines and has a very mechanical mind. Being mechanical himself, Brian uses his know-how to make some minor and major adjustments to his own prosthetic arm to make it “more durable and user friendly,” as Brian says. Brian loves his life, his family, and his job. And he loves tinkering.

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer’s life was changed dramatically when she developed a rare benign tumor that was exacerbated while pregnant with her third child. She felt that the surgical intervention would allow her to maintain quality of life and the active lifestyle she had previously with her family. Over the past two years, Jennifer has competed in numerous sprint distance triathlons.

Sharon Reynolds

One day 11 years ago, Mrs. Sharon Reynolds never knew her life was going to change dramatically. She was hit head on by another vehicle, causing multiple injuries including a torn right ankle. Mrs. Reynolds underwent 2 skin grafts, 1 salvage surgery, and ankle fusion. After living in pain for almost a decade, Sharon decided to take the next step and elected for amputation. She feels that she is getting her life back, being independent with a faster walk.

Tara McKittrick

While driving one day, Tara McKittrick and her daughter were involved in a catastrophic car accident, ss a result, she underwent a below knee amputation to save her life. As evidence of her highly active lifestyle, she also enjoys working in her yard, and working out multiple times a week including weight lifting and running.

Kyle Michetti

On September 11, 2013, Kyle’s was riding his motorcycle when instantly, his life changed forever. After his hospital stay, he continued his therapy in Nashville and received his first prosthesis in January 2014. As a result of his determination and the support of those around him, he reached his goals of walking again and the ability to return to work.

Terry Clint Lynn

Clint was leading a very active life with his family and working at a warehouse when he had a stroke on June 16, 2016 which changed his life. He spent several weeks in the hospital working with a team of doctors and physical, occupational, and speech therapists, he was discharged home to continue his rehabilitation. Recently, he joined a group and completed a 2 mile hike near Lake Worth.

Julie Blucker

Julie took a part-time job as a scuba diver with a local tourist company that would take tourist out to sea on a passenger submarine to explore sea life. life would dramatically change forever when while diving at 80 feet… Today, she lives with her husband and three children and maintains an active, and independent lifestyle. Currently, she is fit with a below the elbow myo-electric prosthesis on the left side.

Eddy Welker

Eddie was told during his rehabilitation process that he would never drive again, which he felt was one of the worst things he heard during the entire process… As a testament to his character, or what his wife would refer to as his stubbornness, today he races cars for fun.

Les Patterson

After battling numerous infections and being stuck in a wheelchair, Les made one of the biggest decisions of his life, elective surgery. After a lengthy healing process, Les was fit with his first prosthesis at Baker O&P. With his wife by his side, Les was able to experience the Great Wall of China with all its beauty and history.

Cody English

In addition to his success at work, Cody has “done a ton since his accident”. Cody installed a major deck and roof along side their home completely on his own. He continues to ride motorcycles with his wife. They have ridden to several states including Arkansas, Oklahoma and going to Sturgess.